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Biden archives

Last night's debate between sen.Joe biden and gov.Sarah palin was"Entertainment"But useful since it showed that the republican vice presidential nominee could stay in the ring with the washington insider of longstanding and revealed aspects of both their personalities.

Those were among the observations by stephen hess of the brookings institution, one of washington's Ball Gown Wedding Dresses most affable, oftquoted experts on the presidency, who had some other interesting things to say about last night's vice presidential debate and presidential debates in general.

"They were curious to see which gov.Palin was going to show up on the stage,"Hess said of the millions who tuned in to watch last night, far more than who viewed the presidential debate. "Was it going to be the gov.Palin who http://www.jb3.co.uk/ electrified the republican convention or was it going to be the respondent to katie couric? "He said.

That observation sounds right to me.If you thought you would see a train wreck happen live on tv before your eyes, wouldn't you tune in?

Anyway, you can see the rest of his thoughts on the brookings institution's website.

John mccain's campaign is allbut daring democratic vp nominee joe biden to commit a, well, bidenesque flub in tonight's debate with gop counterpart sarah palin.Hours before the curtain goes up in st.Louis, the mccain camp has released a video compiling some of biden's more colorful gaffes in his long political career.

The video is running online only, which basically means on blogs such as the swamp.It begins with an announcer asking,"What might joe biden say at tonight's debate?Anything's possible. "

This isn't how campaigns often play the runin to a debate.Usually, one side talks a lot about the skills of the other witness mccain on biden this week and downplays its candidates' chances.It's all about setting a higher bar for your opponent than for your team.

Instead today we get this ad titled"Embarrass"And the proclamation that biden is"Ready to gaffe"But not"Ready to lead. "

Rodriguez:Thank you.Before we talk about your book, i'd like to ask you about the debate that will take place here this evening.What do you think sarah palin needs to do to silence her critics?

Mr.Gingrich:I think she needs to relax, forget most of her handlers and be who she is.She was a very effective mayor, she was a very effective governor.She's not a washington insider, she's not a 35year veteran of the senate, she's not a lawyer, and i think she just has to relax and be a grassroots conservative with strongly held views and letyou know, let's see what happens.She's not going to outbiden biden.Heyou know, he went to the senate when she was in the second grade.He is a washington insider, he can answer all the gotcha questions from the news media.He knows all the trivia.But he's never prepared a budget.Nobody's going to ask her tonight, what was it like to prepare a budge for the state of alaska?' and then ask Senator Biden, Now, what was your executive experience like?' to which the answer is zero.So i think it'll be very much a washington insider situation.She's not going to win by pretending to be a student who has studied washington.She will win if she relaxes and is the person i think she is, which is a reformer, an outsider, a populist and a genuine conservative.

In other words, let palin be palin.But we think that's exactly what her handlers are concerned about.

Relax.Easy for gingrich Prom Dresses to say.Palin only has the weight of republican hopes to keep the white house on her shoulders tonight.

Sarah barracuda just needs to remember her highschool basketball days when she would go to the freethrow line with the game on the line, take a deep breath and sink her shots.

Photo:Wasilla point guard sarah heath(Palin), 22, defends against jumpshot during the 1982 state basketball championships.Anchorage daily news/mct.

The obama campaign sent vice presidential running mate sen.Joe biden out to soften up the target, namely sen.John mccain, today in anticipation of friday night's presidential debate.

That was before mccain turned the tables on sen.Barack obama by asking to delay the debate.

And before obama turned the tables on mccain and indicated his inclination was to go ahead with friday's debate on the university of mississippi campus.

Anyway, biden's job was to lay out a series of what the obama campaign considers mccain's foreignpolicy judgments from the arizona senator's contention that iraq is the central front on the war on terror(Which biden turned into the"Central war on terror")To mccain's criticism of obama for the illinois democrat saying he would sit down for discussions with the nation's enemies.

Said biden, senate foreign relations chair who's known mccain the whole time the republican presidential nominee has been in the senate and therefore referred to him the way one would a buddy:

"John is more than wrong he is dangerously wrong.

"Ladies and gentleman, since when has talking to our enemy taken 'no' out of our vocabulary?Ladies and gentleman, it's amazing Cheap Wedding Party Dresses how little faith john mccain has in himself and his foreignpolicy team that they're afraid to sit down.We can still say no.We can still say no.'"

Biden's goal was at least two fold, to lay out like a prosecutor the case against on mccain.The other goal:And to get under mccain's skin, to throw him off his game, to jerk his chain enough so that mccain will respond to him on friday instead of obama.

Wasn't sen.Joe biden supposed to be the guy helping sen.Barack obama appeal to workingclass americans in places like ohio, w.Virginia, virginia and pennsylvania?

Biden clearly didn't advance the team with recent comments he made at a maumee, ohio campaign stop.He indicated he didn't support using coal to provide some of the nation's future energy needs, not even cleancoal technology.

This is clearly not the kind of comment that helps the obama campaign in the coalproducing regions of swing states.

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112 and afterward Paul hurt Knoxville News Sentinel

Jordan scored a career high 25 give some thought to match griffin, and the clippers rallied to beat the dallas mavericks 119 112 friday night after losing paul when he broken down his right, shooting bear.

Jordan and griffin combined for 10 points on a 16 2 game closing run to wipe out a 110 103 deficit in the very last 4 minutes.Jordan was 11 of 14 from area of and had 18 rebounds, while griffin added 15 planks.

Coach doc rivers said paul could be out longer and will go to oregon for evaluation while the clippers head to san antonio to face the defending western conference champion spurs on saturday night.

"It changes for everyone, considered darren collison, who Air Jordan 2012 figures to start in paul's place and had a season high 22 points in his first game from the mavericks after playing one season in dallas. "Every person's got to step up and play big.But we should be fine,

Dirk nowitzki was a game time outcome with a sprained left ankle but hit six of his first seven shots and had 14 points at halftime on his way to 24 for the mavericks, who were up 13 in the first half and didn't trail prior to the third quarter.

After shawn marion the particular mavericks up 110 103, griffin had an alley oop dunk on an assist from nike air nike test, and jordan found with a three point play.

Nowitzki broke a 110 all tie accompanied by a jumper, but jordans shoes for sale griffin sent the clippers back before for good on a three point play.He was 11 of 13 on free kicks.

"They also have those two big guys and i know it's a load, but we have to do a better job, said texas guard monta ellis, who had 13 points and nine will help. "This was a tough one,

The mavericks missed six of the company's 10newsblogs last seven shots and had two late turnovers, counting one when ellis dribbled off himself with jordan guarding him and the clippers up 115 112.

"As hard as we worked to get the lead back as many as seven in the fourth, we merely gave it up too easy, houston coach rick carlisle said. "Defensively, they went throughout us, as well as, offensively, with no stops, the shots get difficult,

Of this clippers leading by two, paul was tripped by ellis while dribbling a basketball around a screen.He rolled over and stayed on to the floor holding his shoulder while being attended to by Air Jordan 4 trainers.

Paul stayed down for about a minute before see the locker room with 6:43 remaining portion of the in the third quarter.

"I don't think you could see one guy in the league, maybe lebron or whomever, but besides there's no one guy who can make up with what chris brings, discussed backcourt mate jamal crawford, who had 15 points and a jumper that pulled the trimmers even at 110. "For us we need to lean on each other,

The mavericks had a season high for guidelines in a half but led just 70 67 at the break.Paul made his first five shots all from 3 point range before a miss from beyond the arc in the last seconds of the first half.

Jordan had three coming from the clippers' five dunks in the first half, but los angeles kept giving up easy slams to a dallas team that would not make a habit of them.Marion, who carried out with 20 points, had two on the mavericks' five first half dunks.

Records:Marion flushed the 17, 000 point mark and joined up with hakeem olajuwon, karl malone and kevin garnett as the only real players with at least 17, 000 questions, 9, 000 gets back, 1, 500 steals and as well, 1, 000 hindrances.Collison had five steals in the new year's day win over charlotte now.It was before his first five steal game since nov.27, 2012, As part of his only season with Dallas.In relation to their recent 3 0 trip, the mavericks swept at least three games on the road responsible for since february 2011, their great season.Nowitzki scored in the first quarter somebody in charge of in four games.

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